A Joyful Saturday Morning

There are few things that can beat a home-made late brunch at home. The joy of picking your own herbs from the urban balcony, the quietness of the house thanks to the thick glass walls.


We visited our “Fairyland” this morning for some treats. Our auntie is a superwoman,  who love making things from scratched. Her bún nem nướng – Vietnamese sausage vermicelli is to die for – the flavor, the texture, the spices, and the ability to tailor everything to your tastes (I added extra extra extra thai basils and sesame to every bite). Everything was prepared at home, including the fresh vermicelli.


Nem was air-fried instead to save us some calories. Surprisingly too, it takes her only half an hour to put together (including boiling the vermicelli), even quicker than changing/ prepping ourselves and drive somewhere for food.

Oh and that joy of eating in your PJ too!!!


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